Alcohol abstinence and drug screening

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Proof of abstinence can be required for a variety of purposes. In particular, presentation of proof of abstinence from alcohol or of drug screening can be expected prior to a medical-psychological assessment (MPU), depending on the individual case. Individuals whose so-called “liver values” are higher than normal can prove by means of an alcohol abstinence certificate that the values are not the result of ongoing alcohol abuse. In addition, employers also sometimes demand proof of abstinence, for example after issuing warnings in connection with alcohol consumption or drugs.

Alcohol certificate or drug screening: fast and simple


You can undergo fast and simple testing for alcohol abstinence and freedom from drugs and also obtain corresponding proofs from the TÜV NORD Medical-Psychological Institute (MPI), available to you at 50 locations throughout Germany. The important thing when making an appointment is to know the period for which you need the evidence. On the one hand there is a six-month drug or alcohol abstinence certificate – for this you have to visit us 4 times at short notice on dates determined by us in order to provide urine or hair samples. Or there is a one-year abstinence certificate with 6 sampling dates.


Drug screening or alcohol abstinence certificate by means of urine screening or hair analysis

To prove abstinence from alcohol, either urine or hair is examined for ethylglucuronide (EtG). EtG is a by-product of alcohol metabolism and is therefore only present if the individual has consumed alcohol.

If hair is of a suitable length for a sample, a hair analysis can be done instead of urine screening in order to prove abstinence. This proof of abstinence is just as acceptable as urine screening.

However, the maximum length for samples of hair for EtG analysis is three centimetres, which means that 4 hair analyses are required for proof of one-year abstinence from alcohol, and the time needed is therefore similar to that for urine screening.

The same possibilities exist for drugs screening, i.e. proof of freedom from drugs is also provided by the absence of certain substances from hair or urine. In contrast to hair analysis for alcohol, there is currently no limit on hair length for drug screening.

If all the analyses are clear, you will receive a certificate from us at the end of the selected period which you can use to prove your freedom from drugs or alcohol – including for the Medical-Psychological Assessment in connection with fitness to drive.

If you need proof of abstinence with regard to alcohol or drugs and would like to make an appointment, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.