Prescribed examinations for truck, bus and taxi drivers

So that you can give your best

Even "ordinary" drivers have to devote their full attention to day-to-day traffic. Professional drivers have to be all the more safe, cautious and able to work under pressure. For this reason, professional drivers must undergo special examinations.

Our experts carry out the required examinations. You will receive the following certificates quickly, without any sizeable formal expense:


  • for a class C driver's license
  • for issuing a driver'slicense as a taxi or bus driver
  • for extending your driver's license as per the requirements of the driver's license ordinance (FeV)
  • if you want to keep your driver's license despite chronic illness

To this end, you will receive the following from us:

  • a medical examination as per Annex 5 paragraph 1 of the FeV and the prescribed certificate for this
  • a psychological examination as per Annex 5 paragraph 2 of the FeV and the certificate for this
  • an eyesight examination as per Annex 6 of the FeV and the certificate for this 

Driver's Licence for Lorry, Bus, Taxi

Driver's Licence for Lorries (Class C)

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Driver's Licence for Buses (Class D)

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Driver's Licence for Taxis

Professional drivers have to prove that they are physically and mentally fit for dealing with traffic.
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