Passing the medical-psychological assessment (MPU)

Just come and get the information

It's just that easy: In order to get informed about the flow and contents of an MPU, you can simply attend one of the TÜV NORD informational events.

If your goal is to successfully pass an MPU in order to get your driver's license back, attending one of our informational events is the first important step. The free Nord-Kurs events are ideally suited for initial familiarization.

The first step toward your goal

To reach your goal, well-founded information is important. This is exactly what is conveyed to the participants in the free Nord-Kurs informational events. Here, you will find answers to all of the questions about passing the MPU and you will automatically move a little closer toward reaching your goal.

Information from person to person

Also use the event for an initial familiarization with the facilities and the people. Thanks to the informal atmosphere and one-on-one personal contact, the participant feels more relaxed and ultimately better informed.