Duplicates of Inspection Reports

What is a Duplicate?

A Duplicate is created if the Original of an Inspection Report has been lost or is no longer usable. A new printout is made from the original of the document, which is marked as a “Duplicate”.

Why is a Duplicate needed?

The original document has been lost and must be replaced, because

  • the road traffic authority (vehicle registration authority) requires proof of a valid periodic inspection for initial registration of a vehicle or in order to register a change of ownership
  • the vehicle is to be sold accompanied by all the important vehicle documents.
Who is entitled to ask for duplicates?

Duplicates of Inspection Reports may only be issued to authorised persons. These are:

  • the vehicle owner at the time of the inspection
  • the current vehicle owner
  • traders holding the vehicle in stock
  • person who is named in a corresponding judicial order or warrant
  • official authority (vehicle registration authority, police, court of law, public prosecutor)
What proofs are necessary when a Duplicate is applied for?

Proof of authorisation can be provided by private persons in the form of:


  • a vehicle registration certificate Part 1 or Part 2 (folding registration document (Fahrzeugschein) or registration certificate (Fahrzeugbrief))
  • or a legally valid purchase contract
  • plus personal ID card (or document of equal status)

These documents must be provided in the original or, in the case of written applications, must be sent in the form of certified copies.

What are the prerequisites for creation of Duplicates?

The duplicate of an Inspection Report can only be supplied in paper form. The document is created on forgery-proof paper of TÜV NORD Mobility, stamped and signed.

Individual items of information from an Inspection Report (e.g. mileage or any defects) are not issued separately. A complete document is always supplied.

Order / Contact

A Duplicate can be ordered:

  • at a TÜV-STATION
  • by telephone from the free service hotline: 0800 - 80 70 600 (Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 18:00)
  • Online: Enter required data into the online form and click “send”. After the duplicate request has been processed, the customer is informed by telephone or email.
How much does it cost?


If the Duplicate is collected from the TÜV-STATION which issued the original Inspection Report, the cost is 9.90 € (including VAT). Collection from any other TÜV-STATION costs 14.88 € (including VAT). If the Duplicate is sent by post, there is an additional postage charge of 0.84 € (including VAT). Ordering Duplicates online is easy and convenientorder online