Theoretical driving license test

Practical advices for the theoretical driving license test

Well learned is almost passed. If you have answered the questionnaires correctly in the driving school, you can go into the exam completely relaxed. Since 2010, the theoretical driving license test has only been carried out on the PC. This literally consists of the same questions that you know from class. Only the question compilation may deviate.

What documents do you need for the theoretical driving license test?


Required are:

  • an appointment for the theoretical driving license test from your driving school
  • a valid identity card or passport
  • the certificate of completion of the theoretical training, issued by your driving school
  • A statement of account as proof of the paid fees


What is the procedure at the TÜV?

  • Please arrive punctually on the agreed date at the examination location.
  • The TÜV employee determines your test authorization.
  • In the examination room, the TÜV expert verifies your identity, checks your training certificate and assigns you a PC test station.
  • On the screen, you will see your name and the driving license classes to be tested. The test program is preceded by an introductory program, which you can view or skip.
  • You will have enough time to answer the exam questions.
  • You decide on your PC when you finally complete your electronic questionnaire.
  • DThe exam questions correspond to the valid teaching program and are automatically selected by the exam system.
  • After completion of the test, you will receive a result report with your test results for submission to your driving school.

You have passed.

  • Congratulations! The TÜV expert enters the result in the test certificate and hands you a certificate.
  • Share the result with your driving school – now you can concentrate on the practical driving license test.

You did not pass.

It could be worse!

  • The expert will use the test report to explain where your knowledge gaps are and what the "right crosses" would have been.
  • Share the test result with your driving school.
  • Get another appointment from your driving school, when you feel fit. You can start a new attempt after 14 days.
  • The re-examination is also subject to a fee. Please pay the examination fee after you have received the invoice and take a receipt and your valid identity card with you. You will definitely make it.

We look forward to your visit and wish you good luck.

Minimum amount of theoretical lessons per driving licence category

The aim of the training is to enable safe, responsible and environmentally conscious road users. Therefore, the theoretical knowledge is an important prerequisite.

The theoretical lessons are divided into units of 90 minutes each (double lessons). It consists of the general part (basic material, the same for all classes) and the class-specific part (additional material). 

In the general part (basic material), the minimum scope for the first acquisition of a driving licence is 12 double hours; if you already have a driving licence, at least 6 double hours are required. Depending on the driving licence class and previous possession, another 2 to 18 double hours must be completed in the class-specific part (additional material). The details are regulated in the learner driver training regulations.

Presentation for examination may only take place when the specified training objectives have been achieved.

class Double lessons without prior possession Previous possession of Double lessons with previous possession
AM 12 - 6
A 1 12 - 6
A 2* 12 - 6
A* 12   6
B 12   6
BE -   -
C 6   -
C 1 6   -
CE 6   -
D1/ D1E/ D/ DE depending on which class you already have    
L 12 - -
T 12 - 6

* When moving up from A1 to A2 and A2 to A, no theory lessons provided if the lower class has been held for at least two years.

Theory on the PC - theoretical driving licence

Click, click. Hooray! Since 2010, the theoretical exam has been available on the PC. So, go ahead and start your first trial.

Click start to mobile life

You can do this exam with one finger, the finger on the mouse. As a warm-up exercise, we offer you a sheet with current questions on these pages. Fill in, click, gain confidence. You will immediately know whether you would have passed the theoretical driving license test. Click here to take the driving license test on your PC. 

Getting your driving licence by video

Short films have been used in the theoretical driving license test since April 2014. By including videos, you as a learner driver are prepared for critical situations in road traffic in a more realistic way. You experience the situation as you would in reality.

The computer-animated scenes, which are about 15 seconds long, can be used to depict situations realistically. E.g. the cyclist suddenly emerging from the blind spot; the child playing at the roadside; complicated conditions at intersections with various involved parties. The whole dynamic of these situations can be depicted much better in a film than on a freeze image or a graphic.

The total number of examination tasks will not change due to the innovation. The question catalogue still comprises 30 tasks - including up to three video films. As a driving license examinee, you can watch the sequences up to five times before you have to answer the question

Thanks to the computer animation, the clips can be varied as needed, so that new representations with changed landscapes, streets or vehicles can always be created. In this way, you as the examinee are additionally challenged to analyse certain situations and to react appropriately to them.