Customer Satisfaction Survey

    1. Certification

Dear Client,

One of our most important goals is to continually improve the quality of our services. But in order to achieve this, we need your help: we would like to ask you to fill in this questionnaire. The results will enable us to evaluate your satisfaction with TÜV NORD and also to include your ideas and suggestions in our continual improvement processes.

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1. General information

1.1 What is the size of your company? (Employees)*
1.4 What certification service do we provide to you?*
1.5 How or through whom did you get to know about us?*
1.6 Is certification relevant for gaining new customers?*

2. Performance of the audit / of the inspection

(1= very satisfied; 2= satisfied; 3= less satisfied; 4= dissatisfied)

2.1 How satisfied were you with the preparation and planning?*
2.2 How easy was it for you to reach us?*
2.3 How satisfied were you with the timekeeping / adherence to deadlines of our staff?*
2.4 How satisfied were you with our offer (reaction time, ease of understanding, completeness, etc.)?*
2.5 How satisfied were you with the organisational aspects?*
2.6 If a closing meeting took place, were you satisfied?*

3. Technical competence and personal behaviour of our staff

(1= very satisfied; 2= satisfied; 3= less satisfied; 4= dissatisfied)

3.1 How satisfied were you with the technical competence of our staff?*
3.2 How satisfied were you with the time schedule and dates given for the work?*
3.3 Were you satisfied with the personal behaviour and approach of our staff?*
3.4 Were you satisfied with the friendliness and helpfulness of our customer service?*

4. Documentation

4.1 Were you satisfied with the report?*
4.2 Was the action plan easy to understand?*
4.3 Is the description of potentials for improvement / corrective actions detailed enough?*

5. Certificate / Test mark

(1= very satisfied; 2= satisfied; 3= less satisfied; 4= dissatisfied)

5.1 Were you satisfied with the speed of the document processing / creation of the certificates?*
5.2 Do you make use of the TÜV NORD mark or are you planning to make use of it?*
5.3 If so, on or with what media?

6. General questions

6.1 How satisfied are you in general with the following points in relation to TÜV NORD?
(1= very satisfied; 2= satisfied; 3= less satisfied; 4= dissatisfied)

Price / performance ratio*
Exchange / flow of information*
Information material*
6.2 How satisfied are you overall (expressed as a single mark) with the certification services of TÜV NORD?*
6.3 How likely is it that you will recommend TÜV NORD to others? * (0= very unlikely; 10= very likely)*
6.4 Was there any reason for a complaint? Did you file a complaint with TÜV NORD with respect to services provided?*
If yes, how satisfied are you with the handling of the complaint?
6.5 Do we offer all the services you wish to have?

6.6. Please assign marks from 1-6 for the following criteria, whereby 1 is “very important” and 6 is “not important”. Please only use each mark once.

1. Organisation of the audit / inspection*
2. Technical competence of our staff*
3. Personal behaviour of our staff*
4. Documentation of the service*
5. Quality of the service*
6. Price of the service*

7. Statistical information

Management position?*
If yes, which level?

Fields marked with * are required fields.

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