QS System

QS certification for meat and fruit/vegetable supply chains:

Retailers and consumers demand maximum product safety for food with good reason. In order to meet expectations, industry and trade associations and food organisations have established a unified and reliable system of inspection in the form of “QS”. This tried and tested quality scheme can offer traders, wholesalers and producers from the fruit and vegetable sectors, as well as meat slaughterhouses, meat cutters, processors, breeders, animal transporters and feed manufacturers, the opportunity to demonstrate the irreproachable quality and origin of their products. This secures access to the market and therefore competitiveness, and also helps to win the trust of demanding consumers – as consumer protection organisations also recommend QS.

Largest inspection system in the world for safe food

QS is the largest quality scheme in the world when it comes to safe food, involving all the players within food production – from farm to fork. Inspections are based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Products that were subject to the QS scheme at every stage of growth, production and manufacture are entitled to bear the QS seal of quality. In addition to the entitlement to supply products to food retailers and to the strong argument it presents to final consumers, neutral inspection and support by independent experts provide valuable information as to how quality and efficiency can be further enhanced – a further vital element for long-term and sustainable success. Ask for an offer today by clicking the box on the right – or why not call our service centre for some personal advice?


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