TÜV NORD platform for e-training

Increase your knowledge, independent of time and place

What means e-learning?

There are two aspects you can consider under the term e-learning. Live online training led by a tutor, or you learn without live tutor involvement. In both cases with electronical media such as computer, laptop, tablet computer or mobile phone. The term e-learning is applicable when you take courses without live tutor involvement.

What are the technical requirements for TUV NORD e-learning courses?

You need an electronic device such as computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an actual valid browser (works best on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). Supported operating systems are Windows 8 or higher, OSX (last two major releases, Linux) and iOS 13 as well as Android 9.0 for tablets. The browser version only supports Android tablets with an 8” screen or larger and Apple iPads of all sizes.

For optimal usage of the platform, we recommend the use of the Go.Learn mobile app, which supports any screen size and older devices.  Internet is necessary to buy for downloading a course into your mobile app, once the app is installed on your device.

What do our typical courses entail?
  • Depending on the topic, each course entails different modules (e.g. the relevant clauses of a standard in an awareness course), followed by quizzes to test your knowledge and some examples or scenarios relevant to the topic.
  • Each course has interactive features, allowing the user to comprehend information easier and in a modern, active and fun way.
What are the advantages and benefits of TUV NORD e-learning courses?
  • Learning flexibility with regard to place, time and day. With the support of the mobile application, you are independent from stable internet connection, once you downloaded your course in the app. Your personal progress in a course will be synchronised back into the system once you have internet connection. Other opportunities includes the reviewing of your activities, downloadable certificate of attendance directly after completion of a course or later in your activity menu.
  • The e-learning courses allow you to further your knowledge without the dependence on a tutor´s schedule and availability. This allows you to control your own study time and pace.
How can you start our e-learning courses?
  • First, you have to register on the e-Learning platform operated by our TUV NORD branch in your local country. In the case that there is no TUV NORD Branch in your location, please contact us via training@tuv-nord.com.
Prior to formal registration, you are able to browse through our public catalog showing all the current courses available globally. For more details about an individual course content and course price, you should register on the e-Learning platform operated by our TUV NORD branch in your local country.
Registration are made easy and simple for users to access the platform.
Users can self-enroll to courses.

Purchase a course and start upgrading your knowledge

Testing your knowledge in between ensures that you understood the content correctly and makes the trainings interactive.
Review your activities, statistics and progress. Here you can also download completed course certificates.

You have any questions? Please contact us.