Symposium on the Release of Radioactive Materials

Active Attendance at 12th International Symposium on the Release of Radioactive Materials

With increasing amounts of radioactive materials from the operation and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, the clearance of those materials and sites has received growing interest worldwide. 

Many nations followed the invitation of TÜV NORD again and took part in the 12th International Symposium: Release of Radioactive Materials - Provisions for Clearance and Exemption in Frankfurt from 15th – 17th November 2022. The Symposium already started at 14th November 2022 with a Get Together where the organizational team of TÜV NORD Akademie welcomed 140 participants from 17 countries.The next three days the symposium provided an overview of the current situation of release from various countries around the world in four thematic blocks. The participants used the questions sessions and the breaks for plenty of discussions. There were also an active network at dinner in the evenings. 

The 13th Symposium is planned for autumn 2024. Then there will be another exchange on release of radioactive materials at national level in German. More information will be found on the internet at the beginning of next year:



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