Webinar: Cybersecurity in the Automotive Supply Industry

Webinar: Cybersecurity in the Automotive Supply Industry


Webinar: Cybersecurity in the Automotive Supply Industry

Road vehicles are becoming increasingly digitalized and networked, bringing with them not only (digital) opportunities but also risks. The automotive industry is obligated to protect road vehicles and their passengers from risks like cyber attacks.

UN Regulation No. 155 - Cyber Security and Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) requires automotive OEMs to implement cybersecurity technology and management. During our first CSMS webinar we discussed Regulation No. 155 on cyber security and cyber security management systems

As vehicle manufacturers get a significant number of their security-relevant components and systems developed and manufactured by specialist suppliers, these suppliers also have to demonstrate use of a CSMS.

It is important for us to support and accompany our customers in the automotive supply industry with regard to CSMS and ISO/SAE 21434.

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Therefore we are offering a second part of the CSMS webinar series on 20 January 2023. Join our webinar free of charge:

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Welcome & Opening

Holger Hoffmann
Head of Certifications – ISMS and CSMS

5 Minutes

Wrap-Up of the 1st TÜV NORD Webinar
Cybersecurity Management / ISO SAE 21434

10 Minutes

ISO/SAE 21434 – The core chapters and selected requirements

Matthias Springer
Head of Product Type Testing &
Expert Manager CSMS

Christian Woelk
Expert Manager ISMS & CSMS
Bernd Püttmann
Expert CSMS &
roduct Type Testing

90 Minutes

5. Organizational cybersecurity management
     ISMS vs. CSMS policy – ISMS & internal assessments

6. Project dependent cybersecurity management – 
    CSMS & development projects

7. Distributed cybersecurity activities
    Supplier Management

8. Continual cybersecurity activities – Weaknesses & communication

9. – 14. Concept – Product development – Post-development phase

15. Threat analysis and risk assessment methods – TARA

Discussion – Summary – Outlook

Holger Hoffmann

15 Minutes

Cybersecurity in the Automotive Supply Industry: Webinar

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