Background of ISO 26262 and ISO 25119

Ensure functional safety with reliable products

The issue "Functional safety" is often used in the automotive industry in connection with recall campaigns and product liability. The standards ISO 26262 / ISO 25119 (EN 16590) / ISO 13849 and so on support the manufacturers of safety relevant, technical products in the area of mobility to reach the actual state of the art as requested by the product safety legislation.

The staff of TÜV NORD has intensively worked in the development of both standards, they will support you in your projects with their knowledge and experience.

We support you with inspection and assessment of your functional safety.

Dr. Thomas Wenzel (Group Leader Functional Safety)

State of art

Manufacturers of safety relevant technical applications and products are obliged by the legislator to develop their technical systems according to the state of the art in all aspects of safety. The burden of proof is with the manufacturer. If a vehicle is developed and manufactured at all levels according to the safety standard, the vehicle manufacturer can, at any time provide the essential proof that they covered all requirements during the production of safety relevant electronic and mechatronic components.

Manufacturers must not only inspect a part of the system in its development phase, but analyse the entire system during its life cycle. The life cycle reaches from first development steps to the decommissioning and the final recycling. The whole system must reach the required Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) or Agricultural Performance Level (AgPL) of the safety function. All components (especially the software) which contribute to a safety function, have to be inspected.

Background Functional Safety

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