Tool Validation: Software Development for Function Codes in the Automotive Industry

Reach your goals with qualified software tools

In the automotive industry, model-based software development for function code is commonly applied. It allows for a higher software quality and more efficient processes than classic hand-coded software.

Today, the new standard ISO 26262 according to Functional Safety for the automotive industry, requires a qualification of the design tools.

In the development of safety relevant software, the implemented tools generally have to be qualified before they can be used. This tool qualification is performed after a basic suitability test, by validation of the chosen tool specifically for the intended application in the chosen project. Part of this process are tests of the correct tool function under specially chosen characteristics (for example certain code generation options). To reach a validation testimony for different projects and tool characteristics, specifically the test-based part of the validation, can be partly automatically performed by an automated validation suite, comparable to the process applied in compiler construction.

In the current standards, no specific demands are known for the validation of development tools or for the validation suite. TÜV NORD Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik und Mobiliät has – in partnership with BMW, derived and defined requirements from existing standards. These requirements have been practically applied to qualify tools.

We support you with the tool validation for qualified development work.

Dr. Thomas Wenzel (Group Leader Functional Safety)

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