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Worldwide vehicle trade without risks

The specialist department ‘Service for Import and Export’, holds a comprehensive database in which the technical data of more than 20,000 different imported vehicles (mostly from the US) are collated.

Vehicle data from the last 20 years (some even older) are stored, the data base is constantly updated with the data of new vehicles. We offer a data-sheet service for you which includes all required data for the compilation of the German registration documents part 1 and 2.

You want to do the required alterations to your vehicle yourself and look for a competent partner for the homologation of your US-vehicles? Contact us!

Rainer Hagemann (Head of Department services for import and export)

Extensive vehicle database for imported vehicles

Furthermore we offer a service where you can check the availability via the internet and we can confirm all approved wheel-tyre combinations. All required tests are performed according to the applicable EU-directives, especially according to EC-directive 2007/46 (EU single-vehicle-approval). All tests are performed by certified laboratories.


Here you find a Request-sheet for a free vehicle data inquiry for your vehicle on the right side.

Comprehensive database for imported vehicles, including:

  • Emissions
  • Noise
  • Legitimacy of head lights
  • Brake systems
  • Electro-magnetic-compatibility (EMC)

Data-Sheet Service for the Registration of your Vehicles

Department of Whole Vehicles

Special field Whole vehicles: Service for Import and Export

+49 511 998-61972

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