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Many services for the international vehicle trade

FS FAHRZEUG-SERVICE supports you with services and service-packets concerning the international vehicle trade. As a company of the TÜV NORD Group, we have access to comprehensive information and we have extensive experience in the field of ‘vehicle approval’. We are therefore able to give our customers relevant information in all matters concerning the possibility of approval of vehicles.

Our services are performed in cooperation with our partners. These are especially TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG, as the partner for the required official inspections and vehicle tests and the local vehicle registration authorities, insurances and more.

Benefit from our 15year experience in the field of registration and inspection of imported vehicles. Test us!

Armin Heese (Managing Director of FS FAHRZEUG-SERVICE GmbH & Co. KG)

Our services

  • Comprehensive information and consultation service regarding vehicle registration and vehicle alterations and regarding the possibility for positive inspections of vehicles.
  • Organisation of the tests and inspections of vehicles.
  • Preparation of the reports and approvals required in the destination country.
  • If required, organisation of one-day-licenses, and the application for exemptions.


FS FAHRZEUG-SERVICE have their own home page explaining the services. Please go to www.fs-fahrzeugservice.com.

FS FAHRZEUG-SERVICE GMBH & CO. KG – Your Service Provider for Vehicle Trade

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