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5 steps to becoming a Rail Safety Engineer

In collaboration with INTERENGINEER, TÜV NORD has developed a 5-phase model which will train you, step-by-step, to be an expert in the reliability and safety of rail technology systems. The focus here is on teaching the necessary specialist knowledge of the railway standards for functional safety. If you successfully pass all 5 modules, we will issue you with a certificate entitled "Rail Safety Engineer", in accordance with EN 50126, EN 50129 and EN 50128. The training enables every participant to plan and guide development projects taking the standard and other regulations into account.

Individual training modules can also be arranged upon request. However, the Rail Safety Engineer certificate can only be awarded to those who successfully sit all the modules.

The training modules

Module 1

  • Principles of rail transport and the fundamentals of technical railway systems

Module 2

  • German and European requirements – appraisal and approval procedure in Germany

Module 3

  • Standards specific to rolling stock (EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129)

Module 4

  • In-depth measures and techniques in the context of EN 50129

Module 5

  • Application in practice: system design concept and risk analysis

The training programme is conceived for:

  • developers of technical safety systems
  • users of safety-critical components
  • process safety experts
  • QM officers
  • functional safety experts
  • Public authority personnel working in the technical railway systems area


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