Assessment of Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS) in the Automotive Industry

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23.09. - 23.09.2022 | Online

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Assessment of Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS) in the Automotive Industry

1st TÜV NORD Webinar – Assessment of Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS) in the Automotive Industry
Friday, 23rd of September

Why we do this webinar? What is it about? Who is affected?

Increasing digitalisation in the automotive industry makes it necessary to protect road vehicles and their passengers from cyber threads and risks.
Therefore the UNECE has launched the R-155, requiring car manufacturers (OEMs) to apply cybersecurity engineering and management for any new car models,
which goes into development from July 2022. The R-155 is legally binding and the OEMs have to provide evidences to achieve the type approvals
for new cars which shall be launched to market from July 2024.

Since most of the relevant electric and electronic components, modules and systems as well as their relevant software
are developed and produced by specialized suppliers, those are requested to support the OEMs in providing the respective evidences,
that these “items” are developed by applying an appropriate and effective cybersecurity management system (CSMS).

What makes a CSMS appropriate and how can its effectiveness been proven and demonstrated?
In order to develop, establish and apply an appropriate CSMS the ISO/SAE 21434 – „Road Vehicles — Cybersecurity Engineering“ has been launched in summer 2021.
This standard gives guidance and provides the relevant requirements for the CSMS.

Our webinar is especially compiled for affected automotive suppliers and other parties interested in CSMS.
Thanks to the well-versed speakers, we are proud to have gathered a relatively compact program, 
which nevertheless addresses the most relevant aspects to achieve the evidences the OEMs require.

The webinar is free of charge. 

Program (Central European Time (CET))

13:30        Welcome
                 Holger Hoffmann, TÜV NORD CERT
13:35         Introduction to Cybersecurity Management Systems (CSMS)
                  Holger Hoffmann
13:45         CSMS from an audit providers perspective                
                  Christian Woelk, TÜV NORD CERT
14:15         Introduction of TISAX® VCS –                     
                   A new assessment program for CSMS
                   Immo Wehrenberg, ENX Association    
14:45          CSMS from a suppliers perspective
                   Aytaç Emrecan, Lars Ostwald & Arnt Karbaum, KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik
15:15         Questions, answers & diskussion                                                                    
15:45         Wrap-Up & Good-Bye                            
16:00         End of Webinar

We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday, the 23rd of September at 13:30 CET.

Registration deadline is 2 days before the start of the event. 

If you are interested in auditing and certifying of the relevant standards, but are unable to attend this event, 
we are happy to offer you a personal consultation. Please feel free to contact us!

Veranstaltungstermine und -orte

Fr. 23.09— Fr. 23.09.2022



Webinar  13:30 - 16:00

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