Proofs for Entitlement to Biogas Plant Bonus Payments

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Take advantage of the German Renewable Energy Act

The German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) provides for a whole series of payments in relation to biogas and biomethane plants. All plant operators, such as farmers, municipal utility companies and other energy suppliers can profit from this. The prerequisite is that a recognised body such as TÜV NORD CERT UMWELTGUTACHTER GmbH confirms adherence to the applicable regulations and limit values. The inspection on which the confirmation is based consists of both a document check and a technical review of the relevant plant and equipment.

Bonuses and Payments

In detail, proof of adherence to the relevant EEG stipulations entitles the plant operator to the following bonuses and payments:

  • Bonus for electricity generated by means of innovative technologies (Technology Bonus EEG 2009)
  • Bonus for electricity generated through cogeneration of heat and power (Cogeneration Bonus EEG 2009)
  • Bonus for electricity from slurry (Slurry Bonus EEG 2009)
  • Bonus for electricity from plants or plant constituents which become available in the course of landscape conservation (Landscape Conservation Bonus EEG 2009)
  • Payment for electricity from biogas according to various raw material classes (§ 27 EEG 2012)
  • Payment for electricity from biogas obtained from biowaste (§ 27a EEG 2012)  
  • Gas processing bonus for electricity from biomethane (§ 27c EEG 2012)
  • Possible payment of the flexibility premium based on proof of requirement-orientated operation of electricity generating plant (§ 33i EEG 2012)

From one source

Preliminary inspection, certification according to ISCC and REDcert as well as inspections according to grid operator regulations:

As an approved certification body of the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), TÜV NORD CERT also certifies all the interfaces in the ISCC and REDcert systems in the sense of the German Biofuel Sustainability Ordinance (Biokraft-NachV). This is of particular interest for the operators of biomethane (“biogas to biomethane”) plants. TÜV NORD CERT offers a preliminary inspection for planned and new plants which helps to ensure that the investment that is made is secure. Fulfilment of specific requirements of the respective grid operator in order to receive a flexibility premium can also be confirmed. Downtimes and operational disturbances can be reduced as a result of the inspections and several aspects can be covered in one audit from one source – saving yet more time and money.

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