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Acting for sustainability - gaining customers

Climate change is one of the vital challenges of the 21st century. Certification by TÜV NORD CERT enables companies and other organisations who are aware of their responsibilities to document their commitment to climate protection.

Consumers demand sustainability

Numerous steps to curb global warming and its consequences are being initiated at the national and international level - amongst them the Kyoto Protocol, the EU Emission Trading Guidelines, and the Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Law (TEHG).

However, alongside fulfilment of compulsory measures, organisations are increasingly expected to make a voluntary contribution to climate protection. Ever more consumers wish to purchase from those companies who can demonstrate that they conduct their business sustainably and in a climate-friendly way.

TÜV NORD CERT: Experts in climate protection

A specific TÜV NORD standard has now been devised for certification of carbon neutral companies, which is based on the extensive experience gathered by TÜV NORD CERT in the area of national and international climate protection. TÜV NORD CERT is accredited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to inspect and certify climate protection projects - as it has already successfully done in some 2,000 cases. Furthermore, TÜV NORD CERT verifies emission reports and applications for carbon credits within the framework of the national implementation of the European emissions trading scheme.

Value enhancement and savings potentials

Certification as a “Carbon Neutral Company” and the corresponding test mark of TÜV NORD demonstrate to the outside world that a company or an organisation places a high value on climate protection. The loyalty of customers who prefer products manufactured on a carbon neutral basis is maintained and increased, and the market value of carbon neutral companies and the value of their goods and services are also enhanced. Companies which have lower CO2 emissions than their competitors can use the direct comparison for advertising purposes. In addition, monitoring and inspection of emission sources in the company can identify considerable (including financial) savings.

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