Oil and gas - ISO 29001

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Quality management for oil and gas

Increasingly, major petroleum, petrochemical and gas corporations are demanding industry-specific quality management system certification when selecting their vendors and cooperation partners. Specific to this industry, the certification supplements the ISO 9001 standard.

TÜV NORD CERT is accredited by DAkkS and will be the number one provider of this specific service for suppliers, engineering offices as well as extracting and producing companies within the oil and gas industry in Germany. 

The accredited certification is based on the ISO 29001 rules and defines the requirements of a quality management system in terms of the development, production, installation and maintenance of products and services within the petroleum, petrochemical and gas industry. The standard was development by the ISO and the international oil and gas industry – led by the American Petroleum Institute (API) – with the aim of defining clearly auditable requirements. The prerequisite for certification is the introduction of a management systems as per ISO 9001 and ISO 29001.


The advantages at a glance

Certification offers detailed improvement of processes and products. Quality is sustainably assured and can be externally documented following audit by neutral experts. Dilution and waste are reduced as are the consequences of erroneous functions that may be caused by products and services. Companies successfully completing the certification audit also benefit from easier market access.

The certification audit corresponds to an ISO 9001 audit. The certification process encompasses 5 steps:

  1. Information discussion
  2. Determining the certification worthiness
  3. Certification audit
  4. Nonconformity management (if required)
  5. Certificate issuance

There is regular, annual monitoring following the issue of the certificate. This monitoring is carried out in the form of monitoring audits and is documented with annual quality reports. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

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