KBA Certification: One stop shop for Federal Motor Transport Authority compliance

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Certification according to national and international road traffic legislation

Everybody wants safer and more environmentally friendly transport, which means that motor vehicles must made from technical systems which function perfectly without negative impact on the world around us. In Germany this is monitored by the Federal Motor Transport authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt – KBA), which issues EC certificates for vehicles, components and accessories as well as EC type approvals according to national and international road traffic legislation.

Certification of quality management systems and verification of manufacturing facilities are extremely important within this process. Audit and certification verify that a system fulfils all the necessary requirements and are effective in ensuring conformity of the production process with the type approval. 

However, it does not end with initial assessment by the official authority. Manufacturers also have to reckon with assessments at any time following the start of volume production. After the approval has been given and volume production begins, measures must be taken to ensure that the product itself conforms with the type approval samples. Fulfilment of the specific conditions of the type approval and of road traffic legislation is also confirmed by the certificate.

KBA Certification attests to Conformity of Production

The basis for certification according to national and international road traffic law is a quality management system which fulfils the necessary requirements and which evidences this with the necessary documentation. 

Compliance is required with the following:

  • The specified certificate and type approval according to Ordinance (EU) 2018/858 (formerly Directive 2007/46/EC), and Ordinances (EU) 167/2013 and 168/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council
  • The UN/ECE Agreement of 1958 regarding harmonisation of regulations for approval of equipment and parts of wheeled vehicles (UN/ECE Regulations)
  • The relevant requirements from the German road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO)


FAQs Who should aim at certification according to the KBA requirements?

Certification is directed towards companies who manufacture or sell vehicles, vehicle components, independent technical units or technical systems relating to vehicles, and also for those who require an EC Certificate, EC component type approval or design type approval. KBA certification according to national and international road traffic legislation can also be useful for companies seeking an initial assessment for Conformity of Production.

What is the period of validity for KBA certification?

The certificate is valid for three years. Surveillance audits take place annually. 

What are the prerequisites for a KBA certificate?

In order to ensure that only conformant products are used, fulfilment of the requirements of a suitable quality management system, such as ISO 9001, has to be demonstrated. The quality management documentation must also show that road traffic rules and regulations are fully observed.

Certification by TÜV NORD

Certification by TÜV NORD assesses and verifies that you fulfil the requirements of national and international road traffic legislation. Our auditors are highly qualified experts in the automotive and road traffic field, and our certificates are known and respected the world over. 

Certification to KBA supplements quality management standard ISO 9001. It is also possible to combine KBA certification with further standards and regulations for the automotive area, such as IATF 16949 and TSP Volume 6.1.

TÜV NORD provides you with a one-stop solution to KBA certification, as our Institute of Vehicle Technology and Mobility (IFM) carries out homologation and approval procedures and can also support the certification process. This offers decisive benefits:

  • Evidence of compliant production,
  • Harmonisation of the type approval and the assessment documents.

The certificate provides concrete testimony of compliance.

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