Quality symbol

Certification of special quality characteristics of products

Since the quality symbol is given to a wide variety of products, the respective standard or directive must be individually defined. If no basis exists for testing special characteristics, this will be determined and described by TÜV NORD CERT within the framework of a conformity evaluation process (KBV). As a rule, there is no legal background, but the end consumer can only be certain that he has a high-quality and safe product in his hands after successful certification.

Der Zertifizierungsablauf

  1. Naming and defining the quality declaration
  2. Determining the basis for the tests
  3. Performing the practical tests
  4. On-site inspection of production
  5. Awarding of the certificate if the results are positive

Benefit from our experience and expertise

In addition, there is an annual inspection of production sites. TÜV NORD CERT performs a comprehensive appraisal of the quality assurance system during production. The manufacturer's measures for continuous product quality and compliance with certification criteria are put to the test.