Social and Labour Convergence Program (SLCP) Verification

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SLCP – meaningful, comparable data from efficient data verification

With the Social and Labour Convergence Program (SLCP) you can replace several social audits in the textile and footwear industries with one single data verification procedure.  This obviously saves valuable resources. And in addition, the assessment – based on the "Converged Assessment Frameworks (CAF)" – provides valuable data that can be compared across different countries, regions and levels.

SLCP is therefore very suitable for companies and stakeholders wishing for assessment of their own sites or for sites within their supply chain.

The data verification consists of a comprehensive self-assessment and an on-site verification. You can add an evaluation or interpretation to the results and share it with stakeholders via your own dedicated SLCP gateway.

Benefits of SLCP

  • Meaningful and comparable data on working conditions in the textile industry
  • Resource saving as many different data points are covered  
  • One single assessment replaces several audits
  • Efficient process
  • Use for any preferred purpose

Social and Labour Convergence Program (Verification) procedure

FAQS on the SLCP

What is the target group for SLCP?

The SLCP is suitable for all companies and stakeholders in the shoe and textile industry who wish to have working conditions at their own or supply chain sites assessed. It started with a multi-stakeholder initiative which established the "Converged Assessment Framework" (CAF) in 2018.

How can I use the results of the SLCP?

As owner of the data gained during the verification process you can add your own evaluation or interpretation. You have the opportunity to share the information with stakeholders of your choice via the SLCP Gateway and to use it as a basis for improving working conditions in global supply chains.

Will my company receive certification following the SLCP audit?

The SLCP is not a standard as such and so you do not receive certification following the verification. Instead, you receive the results of our verification of your self-assessment, and therefore valuable data regarding working conditions at selected locations. You can use the data at your own discretion.

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