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Used vehicle ordinance

Since 2002, car owners who would like to scrap their vehicle may only turn-in their vehicle at certified acceptance centres, redemption centres, or a certified used car recycling plant (according to used vehicle ordinance: "used vehicles dismantling operations”). This is the only place where they can get a recycling certificate, which allows the final deregistration.

Recycling is regulated in the used vehicle ordinance dated 21. June 2002, which is based on the German recycling economy and waste law.

The automotive industry is obligated to implement directive 2000/53/EC (the "used vehicle directive") worldwide.

The acceptance centres (generally car dealerships), return centres (manufacturers or third parties appointed by them), and used car recycling plants are inspected annually by an independent expert to ensure they are in compliance with the regulations. If the businesses are in compliance with the requirements, they will receive a certificate or other certifying document.

Acceptance centres that are also car dealerships are generally inspected by the responsible guild. Other acceptance centres, such as used metal/scrap dealers, towing companies, return centres, used vehicle dismantling operations and shredder plants are checked by independent experts.

Which services do we offer?

Certification as per § 5 paragraph 3 of the used car ordinance:

  • Acceptance and return centres
  •  dismantling plants Shredder plants
  • Other handling facilities

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