Construction & Erection

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Safety assessment during the construction & erection stage

Construction & erection of a nuclear facility are based on a license construction. TÜV NORD Nuclear services of safety assessment, reviews and inspections in this stage can be split in these two subjects:

TÜV NORD Nuclear provides all services required during the construction & erection stage from the safety perspective. The scope of these services is adapted to the processes and issues relevant for this stage of the life cycle. Safety assessment of the Safety Case for a license to construct is a pre-license activity.

One precondition for implementing the construction & erection measures is a licensed plant site. Depending on the licensing environment in a specific country, site licensing is either included in the license-to-construct or outside this scope. In such cases, site licensing requires an additional step in the licensing process.

Reviews and inspections / Activities in Construction & Erection

TÜV NORD Nuclear provides all review and inspection services throughout construction & erection of nuclear facilities.

  • Design review
  • Process and manufacturer qualification
  • Inspections and acceptance tests in manufacturing, construction & erection
  • Resolution of non-compliances

Reviews and inspections during construction and erection are typical elements of the post-license activities.