System analysis and process engineering

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Safety of industrial processes and systems

System analysis and process engineering nuclear

The obligatory high safety level in nuclear plants requires the reliable functioning of various processes, systems, and components. Their necessary interplay and effectiveness must be ensured during all stages of the life cycle of the plant. This implies that their states and properties as well as the suitability of the operational procedures need to be monitored continuously.

In this area, TÜV NORD Nuclear provides services which are based on a longstanding experience as a technical service provider.

Our services

Comprehensive services for system and process engineering
  • Assessment of safety concepts and analyses
  • Review of the design, structure, and functioning of processing systems
  • Review of commissioning programs and inspections/participation in commissioning activities
  • Supervision of conduct of operation of nuclear facilities
  • Assessment of operational procedures
  • Participation in recurrent in-service inspections (ISI) during plant operation and downtimes, as well as
  • Evaluation of faults, events and incidents from the safety perspective including the possible implementation of process modifications 
  • Review of plant and system performance (document review and on-site inspections)
  • Participation in construction and acceptance inspections
  • Participation in ISI and inspections during maintenance work that allows conclusions to be drawn on the proper functioning and operation of safety-related systems, components and functional sequences
  • Monitoring of plant operations and review of the procedures updates
  • Performance of pressure vessels and safety valve tests in accordance with legal requirements
  • Assessment of the ageing management, including the provisions for fatigue monitoring of components
  • Assessment of incidents and events
  • Assessment of modification and maintenance measures
  • Coordination of the assessment of complex interfacing problems
  • Assessment of safety analyses and safety concepts and their building and plant-specific implementation
  • Inspection of internal system emergency protection measures and the respective regulations

Based on our long-term experience as consultants, TÜV NORD Nuclear is also able to provide consultancy for above matters and is of assistance in preparing the relevant documents.