Project Certification

Site-specific design evaluation assures the site suitability of type-certified wind turbines

Project certification provides assurance that type certified wind turbines and foundation designs are in conformity with site-specific conditions, local codes and regulations at the project site. Project certification increases overall project confidence and value while reducing technical and financial risks for all stakeholders.

Site conditions such as wind distribution, wind farm effects, temperature, soil and terrain complexity as well as electrical network conditions are evaluated based on applicable measurements and/or local codes. Our site-specific design evaluation assures the site suitability of type-certified wind turbines taking into account prevailing site conditions and customer preferences.

All assessments already generated within the scope of a TÜV NORD type certification will directly flow into the corresponding modules of the project certification and reduce the total amount of time and effort towards leaner project execution.

Wind energy – IEC 61400-22, DNVGL-SE-0190 and IECRE OD-502

A typical project certification process with its modules is shown below. Most project certification schemes are based on or similar to IEC 61400-22 or DNVGL-SE-0190. In future we plan to extend our scope and we will include IECRE OD-502. Similar to type certification, each module of project certification can be independently evaluated and concluded with recognized TÜV NORD conformity statements. These can be handled as individual packages which project certifiers can effortlessly integrate to their project certificates due to mutual recognition agreements of certificates between accredited bodies.

The implementation of design requirements in project specific manufacturing, transport and installation processes are ensured by TÜV NORD surveillance and on-site commissioning based on strategies agreed with and adapted to the customers‘ needs. Once the project certificate is issued, periodic monitoring is required to maintain its validity.

With focus on shortest timeline and leanest processes, our certification services are tailored to project specific needs and can be extended to optional activities such as independent inspection for foundation designs, operation and maintenance surveillance as well as modification management and many other Services.

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