Wind Energy

New ideas for a traditional technique

Using wind to generate energy has been a technique used since ancient times. It ranged from simple wind wheels, wind mills throughout to sailing ships. The technology currently used focuses primarily on wind power systems with three-blade rotors in onshore and offshore facilities.

With comprehensive services in the areas of certification, type approval, site assessment/consulting and inspections.

TÜV NORD is dedicated nationally and internationally to this future-oriented and environmentally-friendly form of energy generation.

Our Services


  • Manufacturing inspections for turbine components
  • Transport, construction and installation surveillance
  • Commissioning surveillance
  • Periodic or condition-based inspection of WTG and components
  • End-of-warranty inspection
  • Lifetime extension evaluation
  • Inspection of service lifts, cranes, climbing systems and pressure equipment
  • Further services as blade inspections, gearbox endoscopy, lightning protection System

Our Competence

Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, we owe our leading market position to our technical competence and the wide range of services.

More than 30 years of experience made TÜV NORD to a leading Certification Body in the wind industry. We employ specialized and qualified engineers for all technical disciplines along wind turbines.

Regular audits by the DAkkS provide assurance of the competence of our personnel and the high quality of our services.

The Benefit To You

Good reasons to choose TÜV NORD as a partner:

  • One of the world’s leading and well-known technical service provider in renewable energy
  • More than 30 years’ experience in wind energy
  • Global certification company with experienced and highly qualified experts
  • We have certified countless wind turbines from the top five wind turbine manufacturers worldwide on the market right now
  • Our certification services cover the complete project lifecycle: from pre-assessment & prototype design to extended design lifetime and beyond, supporting your project during all stages
  • From the cradle of wind energy we are leading expert in the german wind market in terms of reinforced concrete structures
  • Pragmatic and result-oriented approach
  • Efficient process tailored for short-time to market
  • Strong reputation and recognition worldwide

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