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Analysis as a base for lifetime extention of wind turbines

Wind turbines are usually designed for 20 years of operation. For many wind turbines it‘s technically possible to continue operating beyond the design lifetime. TÜV NORD supports operators of wind turbines regarding a possible lifetime extension. As a full-service provider in this interdisciplinary field, TÜV NORD covers the analytical (theoretical) part as well as the practical part.

The analysis by TÜV NORD complies with the latest standard of DNV GL-ST-0262: Lifetime extension of wind turbines. Within the analytical part site specific wind conditions are determined by TÜV NORD according to the current revision of the Technical Guidelines for Wind Turbines, Part 6 “Determination of the Wind Potential and Energy Yields” (TR6) of FGW. The effective turbulence intensities are calculated according to IEC 61400-1.  

Overall assessment and final report

In a subsequent calculation of the site-specific loads, the theoretical potential for lifetime extension is determined. Within the mandatory practical part, an extended periodic inspection is carried out. The actual state of the whole wind turbine, consisting of foundation, tower, machine and rotor blades, is evaluated.The main focus here is on fatigue and structural integrity.

The results from the analytical and practical part are used for the overall assessment regarding a possible lifetime extension of the wind turbine.

The final report contains all important specifications and background information of the consideration and provides a lifetime extension period. In addition, individual measures are developed and documented to ensure safe operation during lifetime extension period.

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