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    4. Technical Due Diligence and Technical Advisory

Analysis of technical, financial and legal risks

Due diligence is focused on the economic efficiency of planned or already operating wind farms by identifying and managing potential risks.

A complete due diligence includes the analysis of technical, financial and legal risks. Technical due diligence offered by TÜV NORD includes points such as:


  • Plausibility assessment of the wind potential prognosis and energy yields (AEP)
  • Plausibility assessment of the certification documents of the chosen wind turbine type
  • Technical risk evaluation of the wind turbine concept and Technology
  • Technical risk evaluation of the foundation construction
  • Plausibility assessment of the maintenance and service Concept
  • Plausibility check of soil assessment reports

Network of TÜV NORD’s partners

Financial and legal due diligence, which would be offered by a network of TÜV NORD’s partners, may include the following points:


  • Review of interface management, building permit and their related obligations
  • Profitability analysis on the base of the profit-loss account and investment sum
  • Risk review of the insurance concept
  • Contract assessment on scope and completeness
  • Contract assessment on legal Content

For intensive assistance of wind farm projects, experts of TÜV NORD can accompany customers as owner’s or lender’s engineer.

With international presence, TÜV NORD is prepared to support its customers on national and regional certification, site and regulatory requirements. Project-specific details can be elaborated together with the customer to develop intelligent and pragmatic solutions.  

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