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Geotechnical site investigations, soil investigation and consultancy services

Geological site conditions may have a big influence on foundations of planned wind turbine. Geotechnical experts of TÜV NORD GROUP are involved in geotechnical site investigations for wind farm projects all over the world. By drillings, soundings, trial pits and geophysical measurements, together with soil mechanical laboratory tests the relevant soil mechanical parameters and the load bearing capacities of the tested soil layers will be evaluated. Based on these results TÜV NORD is able to develop a safe and economic foundation solution for wind turbines, even on difficult ground conditions. 

Plausibility checks of external geotechnical reports

Additionally TÜV NORD is performing plausibility checks of external geotechnical reports according to their conformity with international norms and standards. Geotechnical experts of TÜV NORD are controlling the survey quality by the supervision of ground explorations and by comparative stability calculations. Please contact us. Our geotechnical experts will support you in all questions of geotechnical site investigations for worldwide wind farm projects.

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