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Biogas and biomass plants at TÜV NORD


Biomass is solar energy stored in plant form. The conversion of biomass into energy is achieved using different conversion paths and technologies.

TÜV NORD offers a comprehensive service package for plants that generate electricity and heat on the basis of biomass. The focus is on plants for biogas, biogas treatment and feed-in, as well as biomass plants.

Our services include certification, inspection and engineering services. All have the following in common: Assistance from experienced, qualified experts that contributes to compliance with the regulations, process and resource optimisation and plant safety.

Our services

Payments and environmental audits
  • Provision of an auditor approved under the Environmental Audit Act
  • Determination of the eligibility for payments capability according to the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) 
Location and emissions
  • Expert opinion on environmental protection and environmental compatibility (smell, sound, spacing)
  • Permit applications, permit management
  • Emission measurements according to BImSch, the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, and formaldehyde measurements
  • Measurements of methane loss at biogas treatment plants
  • Tightness tests
  • Production of unit certificates for connection to the grid (e.g. CHP)
  • Performance measurement, determination of Efficiency
Plant safety

Consultations, assessments, tests for:

  • Process engineering,
  • Safety concepts,
  • Explosion, fire and lightning protection
  • Construction and assembly supervision
  • Support for the implementation of the BImSchG (e.g. risk assessment) Periodic inspections as an Approved Inspection Agency (ZÜS), safety checks according to BImSchG and water legislation
Seminars for operator training
  • Operator qualification for plant safety according to the Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) No. 529
  • One-day seminars based on the employer's liability insurance association requirements

Your benefits

  • Securing the claim for payments according to the EEG, the German Renewable Energy Law
  • Certified conformity to international plant standards
  • Safe plant operation
  • One contact person for the organisation of all tests Compliance with the requirements of the code for optimising competitiveness, Reputation

TÜV NORD offers a comprehensive service package for plants that generate electricity and heat on the basis of biomass.

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