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    2. Renewables
    3. Wind Energy
    4. Noise Immission Assessment

Prognoses of noise immissions

The operation of wind turbines is inevitable associated with noise emissions, which can have an impact on the environment, particular on affected residents. For reasons concerning the immission control, certain standard values for noise immissions have to be met.

Our prognoses of noise immissions are based on national codes and standards and are conducted by the use of established methods and tools. The well-known software WindPRO with its implemented module DECIBEL provides several models for noise calculations to be applied for sites in different countries.

Combined noise and energy yield predictions

Required procedures for the reduction of noise immissions can be critical for wind turbine operational time and the energy yield. TÜV NORD Site Assessment determines the most economical operation modes for wind farm projects by combined noise and energy yield predictions.

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