Risk Assessment

Risik assessment icethrow, icefall, tower failure, rotor blade fracture and fire

The operation of wind turbines may cause hazards requiring a site-specific risk assessment, especially if the wind turbines are located close to residential areas or traffic infrastructure.

Risks could occur if the wind turbines are very close to:


  • Traffic infrastructure (e.g. streets, footpaths or field- and forest trails, railways, airports, shipping)
  • Residential Areas
  • Chemical plants and industrial areas with establishments under major accidents law
  • Pipe- and power lines
  • Dikes


Possible hazards are:


  • Shedding of ice fragments
  • Blade fracture
  • Structural failure of tower / nacelle fracture
  • Offshore ship collision
  • Fire

Site specific risk assessment

We provide risk assessments in which the potential hazards for the environment of the wind turbine are analysed and assessed. Our site-specific risk assessment contains:


  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk analysis and illustration of the site-specific hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Concepts for possible risk reduction

Within the planning of a wind farm, planning areas may be optimized taking into account the site-specific risk. With our risk assessment, we can support you in finding the perfect location. It is important to consider the risk assessment at an early stage of the planning process, in order to know the potential hazards and to avoid relocations of wind turbines at a later course of the project.

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