formnext 2022

formnext 2022

Find us at Hall 11.1 E51 from 15th until 18th of November 2022

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As the leading industry platform for Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D Printing, formnext is the international meeting point for the next generation of intelligent industrial production. In Frankfurt am Main as well as digitally. We from TÜV NORD are looking forward to meet you at our booth at Hall 11.1 E51. 

With the slogan "WE SECURE THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL AM" TÜV NORD and our partners at the booth of the formnext Additive Marking GmbH, AM entrepreneur, GS1 Germany GmbH offer all relevant services perfectly set up around Additive Manufacturing


  • Dedicated testing services for AM:
  • Certification of industrial AM production sites according to ISO / ASTM 52920
  • Auditing & testing 
  • Inspection and certification for AM
  • AM supply chain services
  • Quality assurance
  • AM standards 
  • Approval
  • End-2-end traceability
  • Process automation

TÜV NORD action plan at the formnext 2022 in detail

Focus topic: ISO / ASTM 52920

You are interested in the norm: new Additive Manufacturing - Qualification principles - Requirements for industrial additive manufacturing sites (ISO/ASTM DIS 52920:2021)

Please get in contact with us by using the formular or by writing an e-mail to Jens Groffmann: 

Come together every day at 17.30 (from 15th until 17th of November) at Hall 11.1 E51

Come together: TÜV NORD - Additive Marking - AM Entrepreneur - GS1

With our partners TÜV NORD want to offer a deeper understanding about the services and a one-stop-solution.

On our booth we want to give you impressions about how "WE SECURE THE FUTURE OF INDUSTRIAL AM". Be curious about the performances and refresh yourself at our drinks bar (beer and non-alcoholic drinks). 

We are happy to invite you at our booth. 

More information? Please get in contact with us. 


TÜV NORD and Additive Marking support industrial 3D printing with custom-fit services in the area of Testing, Inspection & Certification, for example, with production control samples to determine material properties. Via our webshop, we provide you with individually configured STL files of the respective required production samples for 3D printing for download. Simple, fast, reliable.

Webshop iAM approved

More information? Please get in contact with us. 

Presentation about testing, inspection and certification for AM parts and production processes

On the 16th of November at 14.00 until 14.20 our TÜV NORD-Expert Jens Groffmann lectures about: 

Testing, inspection and certification for AM parts and production processes 

The venue of the presentation takes place: 

Portalhaus Messe Frankfurt Str. der Nationen 60486 Frankfurt am Main Germany

At our booth TÜV NORD would like to get into a discussion with you. Our headlining Additive Manufacturing topics:

Component-related tests

TÜV NORD supports you with a wide range of component testing possibilities for special applications, both destructive and non-destructive (see mechanical/technological tests). Our laboratory offers the full range of non-destructive testing processes. To detect porosities, cracks and similar discontinuities, we will choose the right X-ray technologies for your application. In the high-end range, computer tomography offers excellent opportunities for component analysis and allows a detailed inspection of the interior structures of your 3D-printed part.

Personnel certification

TÜV NORD certifies between 20,000 and 25,000 personnel per year in the field of joining technology. Get your personnel qualified in the field of additive manufacture and quality management!

Operator examinations can be based, for example, on DIN 35225 “Welding for aerospace applications – Qualification testing of operators for powder bed based laser beam machines for additive manufacturing” or on DIN EN ISO 14732 “Welding personnel – Qualification testing of welding operators and weld setters for mechanized and automatic welding of metallic materials”.

Mechanical/technological tests

Make use of our expertise in rapidly and reliably determining the mechanical and technological properties achieved in manufacture. Our accredited test labs carry out all investigations swiftly, efficiently and to the applicable standards.

Our range of trials for 3D-printed test samples covers all the standard processes, such as:

  • Charpy pendulum impact test to DIN EN ISO 148-1
  • Tensile test to DIN EN ISO 6892-1

We will be happy to agree in advance on the number and type of test samples to be produced on the side during additive manufacture.

Naturally, we can also offer materials science investigations for your 3D-printed parts, based on the questions you would like answered.

Alongside the comprehensive analysis of your production samples, we also offer tried-and-tested logistics solutions for sample transportation and informative documentation of the test results.

Primary material tests

The characteristics of your primary material, alongside the process parameters used in your 3D printer, determine the material properties of the component you manufacture.

But what are the properties of your primary material? Does your metallic powder come up to your requirements? Have your customers’ specifications been met?

Be on the safe side and have TÜV NORD independently analyse the properties of your starting material. Our accredited laboratories will rapidly and reliably analyse your material samples on the basis of a TÜV NORD testing programme. For example, our reliable grain size distribution analyses can provide you with valuable information to help optimise your machine settings. Naturally, we will also inspect the primary material against other current international test specifications.

More services, more opportunities - Webshop iAM APPROVED

iAM APPROVED digitizes the testing service offerings of various laboratories. This allows you to access extensive experience and high-quality equipment for various tests.

TÜV NORD and Additive Marking support industrial 3D printing with tailored services in the area of Testing, Inspection & Certification, in particular with production samples to determine the material properties.

Via our Webshop iAM APPROVED, we provide you with individually configured STL files of the respective required production samples for 3D printing for download. Unambiguously traceable production control samples are provided for customized testing services, which are inspected and tested in the accredited TÜV NORD laboratories. This enables our customers to make reliable statements about the mechanical-technological properties of their construction jobs easily, reliably and quickly.

The files of the test specimens are configured ready for printing and are simply added to the production run to be tested. After production, the accompanying samples are sent free of charge to TÜV NORD for testing using a logistics service provider.

The TÜV NORD laboratories determine the material characteristics according to internationally recognized standards and provide the results in digital form.

FAQ about TÜV NORD and formnext 2022 - We have the answers

Where and when do I find TÜV NORD and its partners?

You can find us at Hall 11.1 E51 from 15th until 18th of November 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

More information about the arrival options under the website of formnext 2022

How can I arrange an appointment with the TÜV NORD Experts?

There are different ways to arrange for an appointment at the fair:

1. You can use the contact form on this website

2. Write us an email or call us using the contact details given on the website

We will get back to you as fast as we can, once we receive your request.

Does TÜV NORD offer entrance tickets for the formnext?

We can provide you with a free entry to the Formnext if you make an appointment with us during the fair!

(the entrance tickets are limited; free according to the motto "first come, first serve"). 

What kind of booth actions are planned for the formnext?

Every day at 17.30 pm TÜV NORD and its partners want to invite you and present a performance about our services and how you can combine them with each other. 

Come across, be curious about the performance and enjoy a coold beer with us. 

You need an entrance ticket? Please write us via the contact formular. 


Who are the partner sharing the booth with TÜV NORD?

  • Additive Marking GmbH - Additive Marking stands for safety in 3D printing. With our services and solutions, we support you in building safe additive process and manufacturing workflows, both in quality management and in product and brand protection
  • AM Entrepreneur - Consulting, Audits and training to achieve reproducible and scalable AM process quality. With focus on high demanding critical applications and on demand AM production
  • GS1 Germany GmbH - GS1 barcodes are scanned over six billion times a day and are the universal standard in global commerce. Our 24 standards in over 20 industries are the global language for efficient and secure business processes, valid across company boundaries and continents.

Who can I contact before/during/after the formnext?

You can send any request you may have to our Additive Manufacturing Projectmanager Jens Groffmann under - he will get back to you promptly!

Our partner at the booth in Hall 11.1 E51

Additive Marking GmbH




AM Entrepreneur

GS1 Germany GmbH

Any questions?

Jens GroffmannTÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG

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