Non-destructive examination (NDE)

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Fast and effective conclusions – preventive or in the event of damage

Non-destructive examination (NDE) is an extremely effective means for the manufacturer or operator of a technical plant to quickly analyze the quality of a product or the condition of a plant. This allows quality defects to be detected early and to prevent weaknesses causing disturbances of plant operation up to severe damage including unwelcome downtimes caused by component failure.

TÜV NORD Nuclear has an accredited and certified expert team as per DIN EN ISO 9712 in the field of NDE. The team makes use of a wide variety of testing equipment. Furthermore, the experts also assess NDE techniques and provide advice and assistance in preparing specifications and inspection instructions. Outside the nuclear field, they also offer supervisory services in NDE to manufacturers and plant operators.

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Our services

TÜV NORD Nuclear employs the following technologies in non-destructive examinations
  • Ultrasonic testing and phased Array
  • Magnetic powder and penetration tests
  • Film and digital radiographic tests
  • Eddy-current tests
  • Crack depth and wall thickness measurements
  • Sound emission tests
  • PMI tests
  • Film thickness measurement
  • Endoscopy, videoscopy
  • Thermography
  • GRP ultrasonic testing
  • Leak testing
  • various special test methods
Preparing specifications

With respect to preparing specifications, TÜV NORD Nuclear experts benefit from their long-standing experience in

  • Deriving case-specific inspection instructions and specifications
  • Reviewing submitted specifications

TÜV NORD Nuclear is ready to provide consultancy services in all NDE matters requiring specific experience for problem solution, in deriving rules and regulations, and in assessing effects and causes of damages.

Certifying NDE results

Upon request, TÜV NORD Nuclear certifies the appropriateness of an NDE investigation applied or to be applied to a specific product. This would be a prerequisite for gaining credibility that the product – which could also be a plant – satisfies the applicable requirements in the NDE area.