DIMy - Dimensioning Software for Pressure Equipment

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Optimum design for more safety and availability

While in plant, apparatus and pipeline construction it is important to manufacture the pressure-bearing systems and their components economically, for the operators of such plants not only investment costs but also operational reliability and availability are decisive. This is greatly influenced by the dimensioning and design of the safety-relevant components. Their optimal design according to the various safety and calculation standards requires a lot of time and experience. DIMy is a powerful graphics-supported software system from TÜV NORD that supports and relieves plant planners, designers and experts in the calculation, optimisation and testing of components.

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Powerful for system planners, designers and experts

For more than 20 years, the DIMy software has been continuously further developed by TÜV NORD engineers, who calculate and test several thousand pressurised components annually for customers all over the world. Their experience not only flows into the regulatory bodies, such as the VdTÜV Pressure Equipment Working Group (AD), but also directly into the development of DIMy, which ensures that it is always up to date. In the meantime, around 400 companies at hundreds of workplaces worldwide can be supported in the planning, construction and marketing of pressure-bearing components according to the latest European and international standards by DIMy and the associated service.