Energy Supply Concepts

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Energy supply concepts - constantly under power

Electrical systems

A reliable supply of energy is a central competitive factor for almost every company. If the electricity fails, this can paralyze an entire company.

Preventing this is not the sole responsibility of grid operators and energy suppliers: Companies themselves can also make a significant contribution to optimum availability with mature, sustainable supply concepts.

TÜV NORD offers comprehensive support - from planning to construction and operation of electrical systems.

Security of supply is indispensable, especially in the areas of production and data processing as well as in safety-relevant and medical facilities.

This is not only about economic advantages, but also about legal security and the protection of people and property.

Electrical systems

If an electrical system is newly built or extended, it can be designed with the support of TÜV NORD's experts during the planning phase in such a way that the risk of failure is kept as low as possible - this applies to both grid faults and system-related defects. After expert analysis by our experts, there are also often optimisation possibilities for existing plants that can significantly increase supply security with little effort.

Our Services

Planning of electrical systems
  • Evaluation and optimisation of energy supply concepts
  • Risk analyses and failure probability considerations including maintenance and repair plans
  • Preparation of emergency power supply concepts taking into account risk minimization and cost optimization
  • Preparation of earthing and lightning protection concepts
Construction of electrical installations
  • Participation in factory acceptance tests to achieve high production Quality
  • Acceptance and functional Tests
  • Monitoring of the design and Standard - compliant plant construction
Operation of electrical systems
  • Computational and metrological short-circuit current determination, selectivity analyses, load flow calculations
  • Calculated risk assessment of arc faults
  • Preparation and optimisation of the operating regulations (operating manual, emergency manual)
  • Support and evaluation of changes