TÜV NORD AdManager

The most successful link to new customers

The TÜV NORD service study proves: More than half of the motorists researched suitable workshops online before purchasing a repair or vehicle accessory. The Google AdWords is a paid ad campaign in the world’s leading search engine. They are the ultimate link to potential new customers.

With Google AdWords, you are not only wants, but found. The four line text ads appear to match the context of the requirements above or to the right of the “normal” search results. With them, you can reach potential customers at the moment with the greatest interest, and draw them in like a magnet to your website.

TÜV NORD AdManager: Advertise specifically on the internet

  • With Google AdWords, increase the number of prospects visiting your Website
  • You can reach your potential customers at the moment of greatest interest
  • You pay only if the interested party actually visited your site
  • You don’t need to worry about anything, and will benefit from our expertise as an SME Google partner

TÜV NORD AdManager provides the complete Google AdWords-Service

Anyone who wants to operate successfully in search advertising requires a high degree of expertise. The AdWords specialists from TÜV NORD take care of all tasks. You can set up an account, define precisely in which regional radius you want your ads, plan and manage the campaign, and optimize keywords and ad text. You don’t need to worry about anything, and will benefit from the full potential of Google AdWords.

The costs are under control.

You have the choice between three tariff packages, with the smallest package starting at 149 Euros per month. The specialty of Google AdWords is that you only pay if the potential customer clicks on your ad, and thus lands on your website.

Depending on the tariff package you choose, there are different areas of the Google network. These include: Google Search, Google Product Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and search partner GMX, web.de and T-Online. Furthermore, there are thousands of Google partner sites where your ads can appear.

Also on the rise are the AdWords ads on smart phones. There are 10.1 million mobiles expected to be sold in Germany this year. Their owners no longer just have a phone, but a purchasing device, a navigation device, a price machine, and much much more in your pocket! Your ad will appear in: Click-to-call option (i.e. the direct call visible in the AdWords as phone number)

The best reasons as to why you should enter TÜV NORD AdManager

  • With Google AdWords, you can reach exactly the audience you want to reach
  • You don’t waste time with traditional advertising (i.e. posters)
  • You can reach users at the moment of great interest
  • You benefit from our Ad-Words specialists’ expertise
  • Our IT specialists set up your AdWords account, make the ads, and take over the complete management
  • You have the choice between three AdManager packages
  • You can receive up to seven ad variants
  • We monitor all clicks and optimize campaign records pricing, key-word sets, and display design

TÜV NORD is a Google AdWords SME partner.

Benefit from our insider knowledge. Google AdWords specialists tested and awarded TÜV NORD because of the expertise in administration, optimizing AdWords campaigns, and the quality of customer service as an “authorized Google AdWords SME partner.”

Evaluations – simply and clearly.

Monthly reporting.

Receive a monthly evaluation of your AdWord campaigns. Quick and easy to grasp.

Content includes:

  • Summary of the number of advertisements on your site
  • Customers keywords
  • Detailed analysis of the number of clicks received, execution of bookings, and the number of calls
  • Regional distribution of your prospects (by clicks)
  • Advertising channel evaluation with the accrued benefits and the click-through rates
  • Online actions on your site
  • Explanations and tips on how you can make your AdWord campaign even more successful