Fleet management

Do you know this? You own a small or medium-sized fleet of vehicles and the entire fleet management is not passed on to a full-service leasing company?

TÜV NORD Mobilität, together with its partner network "InNuce Solutions GmbH", offers you the solution:

You can use the software solution to professionally manage your own fleet yourself and deal with the important necessary issues such as owner liability (driving licence checks, processing of fines).

In a word:
With the fleet management platform from InNuce FleetScape IP, you can manage your fleet or your customers' fleet yourself online, from vehicle procurement to marketing.



All services in detail

Fleet Scape IP is offered in three variations:

  • Classic: From the order up to the rejection - one user included.
  • Advanced: Like Classic, but unlimited number of users
  • Premium: As Advanced, additionally with module leasing tender and manufacturer-independent vehicle configurator and manufacturer-independent vehicle retrieval system (car policies, driver participation)

The scope of services includes for the operational management of the fleet by you as the fleet operator:

  • Licence
  • Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Vehicle data
  • Support (telephone hotline or e-mail)

The minimum term is 36 months.


Your advantages at a glance

  • FleetScape IP is a system for all fleet data and can be used consistently from tendering to vehicle recycling
  • no additional installation required
  • comprehensive procedure for electronic collective invoices
  • numerous interfaces to fleet-related service providers
  • FleetScape IP has an automated account assignment of receipts as well as easy connection to accounting systems


Your calculation/prices

The prices refer to each actively managed vehicle and month as follows:

  • Classic: 2,90 Euro
  • Advanced: 3,90 Euro
  • Premium: 4,90 Euro


  • Provisioning fee: 1.990 Euro one-off
  • Migration support: 490 Euro one-off
  • Training (webinar 6 hrs.): 990 Euro one-off
  • Additional services 123,75 Euro

All prices plus VAT.


Ralf SiebigsTÜV NORD Mobilität
Product and Project-Management