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technologies of the future for Electromobility



In future, electric vehicles in the form of mild hybrids, full hybrids and vehicles with plug-in electric motors, with or without range extenders, will take a decisive market share for transport of individuals.

Hybrid and electric vehicle technology have the potential to render the mobility of the future carbon-neutral and to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Safety will play a major role as vehicle electrification progresses, and safety-related matters must be explored and clarified during the design and development phases. An important part of this work is representation and work within international committees and on the drafting of relevant test regulations.

TÜV NORD offers a comprehensive service package which meets all the challenges involved in the development, production and servicing of electric and hybrid vehicles.

TÜV NORD service package

  • Type approval testing / Homologation (ECE R-100, ECE R-10)
  • Safety assessment (Electrical safety, Functional safety, Design safety, Occupational health and safety)
  • Development support (Funding for pilot and demonstration Projects, Safety concepts, Efficiency)
  • Establishment of parameters (ECE R-101, Energy consumption, Performance and range)
  • Benchmarking
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