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We test and measure your engines for a successful type approval

The worldwide emission legislation is becoming stricter. Tests and measurements are essential during the continuous further development of engines. These deliver facts concerning function, quality, efficiency and reliability of the engines. You can trust our expertise and rely on our comprehensive support.

Our modern and powerful test beds fulfil the requirements set by the current emission legislation and guarantee precise measurement results for our customers. The technical experts of TÜV NORD have extensive know-how and have years of experience in engine testing.

Choosing us as a partner guarantees a reliable international type approval for your engines.

Leif-Erik Schulte (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions Engines, Commercial Vehicles, Mobile Machinery and Noise)

Engine test beds

  • Dynamic test beds up to 630 kW, 4,000 Nm
  • Emission measurement for limited and non-limited components
  • Full- and partial dilution systems
  • Measurement of particulate numbers and size-distribution
  • Fuel consumption measurement systems for liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Test stands for small engines and hand-held applications
  • Portable emission measurement systems (PEMS)

Emission Measuring the Commercial Vehicle Engine

Department of Drive train / Emissions

Special field Emissions from Engines, Commercial Vehicles, Machines and Noise

+49 201 825-4129

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