Exhaust Emission Measurements for Mobile Machinery and Machines

We perform exhaust gas emission measurements for type approvals in the international market

The worldwide emission regulations – even for mobile machinery and machines are becoming increasingly stricter. During the constant further development of engines, tests and measurements are crucial. These measurements supply you with the facts about function, quality and reliability of the engines, may it be chain saw, tractor or locomotion of barges. As a leader in type approval, for worldwide homologations and in research- and development, for more than 10 years we also perform emission measurements under real operation conditions using Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS).

With our international know-how, we are your partner for approvals and market monitoring.

Using TÜV NORD to test emissions of mobile machinery and machines gives you reliable data for the international market.

Leif-Erik Schulte (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions Engines, Commercial Vehicles, Machines and Noise)

Our services

  • Measurement of exhaust gas emissions, engine power output, energy consumption
  • Determination of CO2-emissions
  • Determination of efficiency of components with regard to fuel consumption and CO2
  • Field monitoring
  • In-Service-Conformity measurements (Real-service / PEMS)
  • Determination of regulated and unregulated exhaust gas emission components
  • Conducting seminars and workshops

Exhaust Emission Measurements for Mobile Machinery and Machines

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