Measurements of Noise, Vibrations and Oscillations

We perform noise measurements and analyse road surfaces for you

Growing traffic volume and the growth of the number of motorised machinery and machines increases noise pollution. The reduction of the noise emissions of mobile and stationary noise sources becomes more important. For more than 20 years, TÜV NORD works on applied research and development in the area of mobile noise sources. In the cause study, it is important to measure, localize and to analyse the noise source and any measures to reduce the noise emissions. It is a wide field of activity, reaching from the measurement of single noise sources to the research in further development of measuring technology and test cycles up to the basic research in the framework of national and international research projects.

An important area is the collection of the acoustic street condition and the noise development between road surface and tyre. We have test tracks and noise measurement trailers applicable for these jobs. Comprehensive work regarding acoustic and accompanying measurements at noise reduction measures on engines, motors, vehicle components and road surfaces are part of our portfolio.

Test Systems

  • CPX measurement trailer to measure tyre-road-noise
  • Multi-channel data acquisition recorder and analysis system
  • Radar- / laser and telemetry-systems

We conduct noise measurements to give you reliable information about noise reduction measures.

Leif-Erik Schulte (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions Engines, Commercial Vehicles, Mobile Machinery and Noise)

Our services

  • Noise measurements on vehicles (EC /ECE type approval)
  • Measurements of tread noise
  • Noise measurements on recreational boats
  • Certification of noise measurement tracks, drive by noise measurements / sound level measurements
  • Tyre-road noise measurements
  • Analysis of road services
  • Measurement of the influence of road surface on traffic noise (SPB-method)
  • Measurement of the acoustic homogeneity of road surfaces (CPX-method)
  • Acoustic consultation and support with noise reduction measures

Measurements of Noise, Vibrations and Oscillations

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