Drive Train and Emissions of Passenger Cars and Motorbikes

Your engine for the future

In cooperation with the manufacturers and suppliers we push forward innovations concerning passenger cars, motor bikes and light commercial vehicles, we test and assess to ensure low emission and environmentally friendly vehicles and components.

In comparison to their predecessors, newly developed vehicle generations do emit less pollutants – we provide you with the latest test technology. You will additionally profit from our profound experience collected over millions of emission tests. We are an accredited partner of numerous German and foreign approval authorities. Together we define and refine the EC, ECE and TRIAS standards. The industry and the authorities profit from this accumulated know-how and they trust us to test new motor cars, engines and components.

From initial and ongoing development-via type approval and periodical testing of in-use vehicles – we are ready to share our expertise with you.


We support you with tests in the area of drive train and emissions in our accredited test laboratory.

Helge Schmidt (Head of Department Drive Train and Emissions of Passenger Cars and Motorbikes)

A summary of our services

  • Power output, emissions and fuel consumption
  • Analysis of regulated and non regulated emission components
  • Emission type approval, CoP tests and field studies
  • Research projects
  • Tests for European and international markets
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