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Assessment of continuously improved brake systems for commercial vehicles

The brake system for commercial vehicles is designed to safely decelerate high masses in short distances. The brake systems are subject to highest demands regarding safety, durability and wear.

As with many other vehicle components, brake systems for commercial vehicles are being constantly developed for better performance. Besides the legal requirements, aspects of performance, environmental issues and weight have to be observed. The brake systems are not only designed to improve the safety of vehicle occupants and other road users, but should also provide high driving comfort. All brake system components therefore have to be synchronised with each other and with the associated vehicle.

Our tests ensure that you and your customers can rely on your brake systems.

Dr. Jan Hammer (Head of Department braking systems and component strength)

Our Services at a glance

  • Crack-tests on brake discs and drums
  • Performance and wear tests for brake liners and –pads according to customer’s demands in the framework of development, quality assurance and supplier’s qualification
  • Homologation tests of brake systems / -components according to ECE / EC and national regulations
  • Inertia dynamometers for wheel brakes of commercial vehicles (max. brake torque 40,000 Nm) with whole axle inclusion
  • noise measurements
  • Brake cylinder tests

Brake Systems Commercial Vehicles

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