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Tested brake systems for a better acceptance at the final customer

Besides the steering and the control of vehicle speed, the brakes are one of the three substantial regulating variable in the control loop driver-vehicle-street. It is therefore extremely important that brakes are effective in the very moment they are required. Highest care and quality is required during development.

Extensive national and international directives are applicable for the brake system and the brake components.

We support you with your further development of brake systems, we offer you consulting services in all areas of brake systems.

Dr. Jan Hammer (Head of Department braking systems and component strength)

We can offer you

  • Homologation tests of brake liners, pads, brake discs and complete brake systems according to ECE / EC and national regulations
  • Strength tests of brake discs
  • Tests in the framework of development and quality assurance
  • Inertia dynamometers for passenger car (fully air-conditioned, max. brake torque 6,000 Nm, vmax more than 300 km/h)
  • Drive tests
  • Noise measurement
  • Individual tests according to customer’s requirements or specifications

Brake Systems Passenger Cars

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