Testing and Technical Reports for Wheels, Tyres, Chassis and Tuning

Optimum grip on the road – testing and technical reports for your products

Wheels and tyres are the direct connection between vehicle and road. They determine stopping distance, driving stability, dynamic behaviour, wet performance and they transfer all forces during acceleration, braking and cornering. To provide safe behaviour at high speeds, wheels, tyres and chassis have to fulfil the requirements of national and international regulations and directives. We test and assess each detail and ensure the safety of your products.

Your customers can travel in safety with our tests!

Stefan Schöffler (Head of Department wheels, tires, chassis and tuning)

Overview of our Services

  • Tests and technical reports according to national and international requirements
  • Tests according to OEM-requirements
  • Wheel and tyre tests
  • Wheel application
  • Installation tests and performance of tests to driving dynamic 
  • Material tests according to OEM requirements and legislative demands
  • Testing and assessment of tuned vehicles
  • Database for wheels and tyres with 1 million data sets

Services for wheels and tires

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