Component Testing and Vehicle Tuning

We put your tuned vehicles legally on the road

The aim of vehicle tuning is to achieve a technical or optical upgrade, or it shall improve performance and/or driving behaviour. The legislator determines the limits for legal tuning. An alteration to the vehicle or a vehicle component can void the operating license. We carry out necessary testing but also consult with you about any alterations, this will result in success on the road. Technical reports issued by us give your customers the possibility to use their cars safely and legally. We are happy for you to share our experience and expertise.

We give you the support you require for tuning and alterations where the focus is on the safety of the vehicle.

Stefan Schöffler (Head of Department wheels, tires, chassis and tuning)

Our services

  • Testing and assessment of chassis components, body components and whole vehicles
  • Technical reports for tuning-relevant subjects (special wheels, body alterations, engine tuning, chassis components and complete suspensions sets)
  • Technical reports for the granting of type approvals following national and international directives and regulations
  • Testing of alterations on passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motor bikes

Component Testing and Vehicle Tuning

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