Our data base, with more than 1 million entries, guides you to the correct choice of wheels and tyres

When altering wheel/tyre combinations, the fitting choice of wheel and tyre is essential for your safety. The tyres of a motor vehicle are the only connection between vehicle and road. Therefore, the correct choice of tyres has a significant impact on active safety. We compile technical reports for the wheel application for the correct wheels and tyres for your vehicle.

We conduct all tests on wheels for the manufacturers and we prepare technical reports for wheels according to national and international regulations. This guarantees the compliance of the wheel use and the safety of the journey.

We are your competent partner and will support you with your projects in order that your wheels will successfully enter the commercial market.

Stefan Schöffler (Head of Department wheels, tires, chassis and tuning)

Our services for you

  • Installation test and performance of dynamic driving tests
  • Compilation of technical reports according to national and international requirements
  • Database with more than 1 million entries
  • creation of reports for wheel application

Testing and Technical Reports for Wheel Application

Department of Systems / Components

Special field Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Tuning

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