Electric Wheelchair Users

Remain mobile with the "ERO"

Using an electric wheelchair on a day-to-day basis is subject to rules that are similar to those for driving a vehicle: The important thing is your own safety and the safety of the others. Examinations should determine whether the electric wheelchair has been safely mastered as an tool that provides mobility but which is also expensive. The medical-psychological institute of TÜV NORD Mobilität operates officially recognized driver fitness assessment centers for almost all of Germany

The Appraisals are always based on Medical and Psychological Results

We provide the corresponding examinations. In addition to medical examinations, sense of direction, concentration, attentiveness, ability to work under pressure and responsiveness are also recorded. All of the test procedures are carried out at computer-aided test stations (test systems) as per the latest scientific knowledge. We consider the individual findings and carry out psychological discussions in order to include biographical and social components in our appraisals for health insurers or pension insurers.

During the appraisal, we look back on decades of experience. During this time, we have worked out our own test standards for the group of electric wheelchair operators. A quality standard that sets us apart from the others.